Usual slave motto for Thai Children

Numnual  Yapparat

The Thai prime minster has given the new motto for Children’s Day; 11th January 2014. “Repay the kindness shown by your elders, know your duties, strictly adhere to disciplines and strengthen the Thai nation”. On the day, the government is going to welcome all the children into Government House. Children can sit on the Prime Minister’s chair and take photos.

For the sake of the Thai ruling classes, children are not allowed to learn the truth about Thai or international history. They have been taught that “one man one vote” is a Western value which is not suitable for Thai society. When these children finish their courses at university some may use Adolf Hitler as a famous icon to celebrate their graduation. If they want to run their own businesses; like a fried chicken shop, they might use Adolf Hitler as the brand name. Amazing Thailand!

This year we are witnessing how the authorities are abusing students in university and secondary school.  Netiwit Junrasal, who is studying at secondary school, began to demand the right to choose what to do with his hair. He criticised the head teacher who favoured military hair-styles to control students. He challenged the core of Thai conservative ideas about “Thainess” and nationalism. He started encouraging his fellow students to abandon such poisonous myths. He has been bullied by his teachers. Of course, if he follows the Thai Prime Minister’s motto he would not be free.

Aum Neko, who is studying at Thammasart University, asked the simple question about student uniforms. Lots of Thai universities still force students to wear uniforms. Will it help students to better understand the World or democracy, she asked. She was condemned by right-wing lecturers and students. Lately, she openly criticised the Vice Chancellor of Thammasart University who supported the coup in 2006 and suggested that Thailand might not need democracy. She was threatened by his deputy, who said he wanted to punch her in the face. Welcome to Thailand, the land of backwardness!