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More sexually abusive language from Sutep’s mob

Numnual  Yapparat

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On the previous post I have mentioned the dirty professor who sexually insulted Yingluck. Yesterday was even worse. A group of doctors from the Faculty of Medicine at Songkla University, gave appalling speeches. Yes, I am waiting to see the reaction of women’s rights groups, but none of them have come out so far. In Thailand we have had plenty of so-called “rights’ groups” but some are utterly useless because they are on the wrong side; the side of those opposing democracy.

When Doctor Prasert Vasinanukorn, from Songkla was giving his speech, his colleagues stood behind him cheering, grinning and laughing.

  1. “If you want to be a heroine, just resign and then we will salute you by presenting you with a medal with your naked body featured on it”.
  2. “Please pay attention; if the Prime Minister is expecting a baby, I would pick her up in an ox-cart to give birth at Had Yai. I will have an extra service for you by doing virginal repair surgery. I can guarantee that your new husband will feel on top of the world”.
  3. “The Prime Minister still has some time left to be a nude model. Resign now before your periods come to an end. Otherwise it would be too late to start a new career”.
  4. “If the Prime Minister became unwanted, seriously, I would volunteer to be her servant. I would buy and change her sanitary towel for her”.

The most disturbing fact is that these are doctors who need to work under the strictest code of conduct. Hearing their words you might ask yourself, how we can trust these people. What sort of methods will they use to diagnose patients? How do we know that they do their job properly? How do we know that they are not going to strip patients’ dignity? Will patients’ confidential details be disclosed when these doctors get angry?  Their behaviour is so horrifying. If this happened in Europe, these doctors would be suspended and have their licenses revoked.

I was a little bit in shock and furious after listening to them, but then I had a thought. It is great to know who they are. Normally, they used to live and work in the shade, enjoying their privileges. These dirty doctors have been brought under the spot light and now they need to be pasteurised, otherwise they would spread their filthy sexist disease to others. In our political reforms we need to work out how to prevent this sort of doctor reaching a high position. We need doctors who respect patients regardless of their gender and race. We need a health care system that puts patients before profits.

Thai women gained the right to vote in 1932 after the revolution that overthrew the absolute monarchy. But even today, we do not have abortion rights. When discussions about abortion take place, the authorities give the right to make decisions to monks instead of women.   Sexist speeches can be heard both from the Yellow Shirts and Red Shirts. However, the Red Shirts are more careful. Nuttawut Saikua, a UDD leader, used to say on Red Shirt stages that the speakers need to pay respect to GLBT and women’s rights.  But on Yellow Shirt stages we have seen this barbaric sexist carnival.

NEWS UPDATE 16/01/2014

* I got welcome news today.  Women and GLBT rights groups have come out and issued statements to condemn the sexist speeches. They demanded that all political speeches should respected women and GLBT rights.  This is an important step forward.

However, the bad and disgraceful news is that the president of the Thai Medical Council Somsak Lo-leka, has stated that the sexually abusive speech given by Doctor Prasert Vasinanukorn, from Songkla, did not break any medical professional ethics. However, he said that doctors need to be more polite.