Top Doctors Disgrace themselves!

Numnual  Yapparat

Deans of Medical Faculties from 8 universities[1] have disgraced themselves by issuing a statement in support of “reforms before the election”. It is deeply disappointing. I was expecting them to condemn the senior doctor from Songkla who used sexually abusive language against Yingluk. But no, they seem not to care at all about gender equality. More disgracefully, they are on the wrong side of democracy.

These are their demands:

  1. Political reform as soon as possible, before holding the election.
  2. To end the violence the caretaker-government must resign and make way for an elite appointed government.
  3. The election should be take place after drawing up new election rules acceptable to anti-government forces.
  4. All parties should refrain from violence and distortion of the truth.
  5. Negotiations to take place between Sutep’s mob and the caretaker-government in an attempt to move forward to reconciliation.

Practically, what does this mean?

“Political reform before an election” means that they want to fix the election and make sure that the Democrats win. In this way, they can make sure that all the power will still be in the hands of elites. They wish to cheat shamelessly. They cannot bear to see ordinary people have equal rights.

Who has been causing the violence in the last few months? It is Sutep’s mob who have forced the closures of government offices and tried to wreck the election. It is Sutep’s mob who abused the tax officer who was accused of going to work in the south. It is Sutep’s mob who used guns against the police. So what is this nonsense about “both sides refraining from violence”?

Reconciliation between anti-democratic forces and those who want democracy can only result in a “half democracy”.

I would love to see ordinary doctors who are pro-democracy come out to say something about their seniors’ ill-behaviour.

Top people from prestigious institutions are really disgusting! University deans have recently degraded themselves by suggesting that we do not need an elected Prime Minister. Yes, they supported the coup in 2006 and cooperated with the junta. They claim that we need someone who is “knowledgeable” to do the Prime Minister’s job. These people are working in education sectors where they are supposed to enlighten their fellow citizens. But they are very backward. They have become a great barrier to progress. They do not support students who dare to ask questions about the world around them. They like to teach students to be slaves.

To be honest I think these people need to be removed and in the future all the high public positions should be elected.

[1] Siriraj Teaching Hospital, Mahidol University, Thammasat University, Burapha University, Chulalongkorn University, Songkla University, Naresuan University and Rangsit University.