Who is this buffoon Pridiyatorn?

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

Aristocratic right-wing economist, Pridiyatorn Devakul, has called for Yingluk to resign so that Thailand can have a “neutral Prime Minister”.

Suteps’ mobs have used violence to disrupt the election, yet most of the population wanted to vote and a majority support Pua Thai. The delay in completing the election is a golden opportunity for the vultures to come out and help along the death of Thai democracy.

To get a so-called “neutral” Prime Minister, a complete imbecile would have to be appointed; someone without a single political thought in their head. This is just more of the same anti-democratic rubbish that Sutep has been demanding. Pridiyatorn wants an appointed conservative Prime Minister, totally out of tune with the demands of the electorate.

Who is Pridiyatorn Devakul?

After the 2006 military coup, the new junta appointed cabinet was stuffed full of neo-liberals. The Finance Minister, Pridiyatorn Devakul, was a man who believed in “neo-liberal fiscal discipline”. He was opposed to “too much spending” on public health. After the coup the Budget Bureau cut the budget for Thai Rak Thai’s universal health care scheme by 23% while increasing military spending by 30%. Pridiyatorn also threatened to axe many good mass transit projects which could solve Bangkok’s traffic.

The junta promoted the Sufficiency Economy and Pridiyatorn explained that Sufficiency Economics meant “not too much and not too little”: in other words, getting it just right. He also explained that the Sufficiency Economy could be applied alongside free-market policies.

So Pridiyatorn is a long standing supporter of authoritarian governments with extreme free-market policies.