General Prayut Chan–Ocha: a man of wrong doing

Numnual  Yapparat

Today we have seen the so-called independent bodies offer a silly and undemocratic solution to the crisis. They suggested that Sutep and Yingluk each should name 10 acceptable neutral people to solve the crisis. If any of the names coincided then the Election Commission would appoint those people to draw up a new road map for Thailand.  Laughable!

Then the head of the army came out to support the idea. Prayut also made a comment about the new UDD leader, Jatuporn Prompan. Prayut warned Jatuporn by saying “do not use the violence, respect the law”. He has a cheek!

It was Prayut who ordered the killing of 90 un-armed red shirts who were demanding democracy in 2010. He is the one who needs to be put on trial for using violence and murdering innocent people. He and the so-called “independent bodies” are holding the February elections to ransom. They are preventing the formation of a democratically elected government. He allows Sutep’s mob to use violence without condemning them. He has stationed troops in bunkers around Bangkok, but not to defend democracy. It is unacceptable to let army officers like him to make comments about the UDD leader in this way. The head of the army does not have the right to make any comments about politics. They have a duty to follow the orders from the government; not the other way round.  We need to establish this rule in order to have democracy.

Do not pin your hopes on the mainstream media because they have never supported democracy and condemned the military. We always see them interview the chiefs of the army on important issues instead of hearing what ordinary people say.

Will the red shirt UDD leadership be more progressive or militant under Jatuporn? No, he talks tough, but is short on concrete measures. He has said nothing about the political prisoners or the need to down-size the military. He will be no different from the previous leader Tida Tawornset.

The political deadlock continues…

Photo: Prachatai