The National Anti-Corruption Committee’s ultimate farce

Numnual  Yapparat

Many international news reports about the Thai crisis say that Sutep’s mob accuse Yingluk of corruption. What does “corruption” really mean for the middle class anti-democrats?

The so-called “independent” bodies, appointed from the time of the military regime in 2006-7, have lost all legitimacy in the eyes of the majority.

The National Anti-Corruption Committee (NACC) is one of them. The NACC was founded in order to tackle corruption. We all know that the corruption is posing a great harm to society, but we also know that most of elites on all sides are corrupt. The obvious examples are the top brass in the military. When many former generals were in the power, they stole millions from the nation’s wealth to line their own pockets. Almost all top military officers today enjoy wealth far beyond what they would receive from their army salaries. Lots of rich business people in the country do not pay taxes. Lots of the anti-Democrat politicians use public resources to support Sutep’s mob. Top civil servants from the Ministry of Health hung anti-democratic banners from public hospital buildings.

Why are these cases not investigated?  If the NACC wanted to do their job properly 24 hours a day would not be enough, undoubtedly.

However, at the moment they are focusing on a nonsense accusation against Nattawut Saikua, one of the UDD red shirt leaders. They claim that Nattawut wants to separate the country between red shirt areas and anti-democrat areas. They claim that Nattawut gave a “dangerous speech” to incite the red shirts to use the violence in fighting back against the anti-democrats. There is no evidence to support their claims. As far as we can see, the violence comes from Sutep’s mob and the army.

The idiots in the NACC are even trying to link Natawut’s behaviour to Yingluk. They are accusing her of allowing such a speech happen and not taking measures against Nattawut.

I listened to Nattawut’s speech. There was nothing new in his speech, but it was very powerful because he highlighted human dignity and equality and confirmed that Thailand belongs to people. He attacked the myth that people needed to be highly educated in order to have a say in society. He spoke the words that people wanted to hear.

There were two demands that came out from his speech:

First, the Prime Minister must not resign. This is in order to protect democracy. Second, the Prime Minister has no need to respect the NACC and other “independent” bodies. If they make a judgement based upon undemocratic methods or a lack of justice, then the government should be resist.

He went on to say that because of the fact that Sutep’s mob is an armed group, the government should arm the police to cope with them. Also, the government should recruit volunteers across the country to assist the police in handling the armed groups from Sutep’s mob. If the situation becomes ungovernable, then the government needs a “plan B”. The government might need to move its offices to the North or North East.

Nattawut said, “we are trying to avoid confronting, but we see that there is no room left for us anymore because if Sutep wins, then not only is he going to destroy democracy, but he also wants to banish all of us. We need to fight back, but how”?

Nattawut summarised the strategy to fight back, which has been brainstormed by red shirts who participated in a national meeting. Some of them stated that they want to mimic Sutep’s mob by blocking some people’s houses as well as public buildings, because the courts seemed to allow this in the case of Sutep. The red shirts need to organise guard groups in order to protect themselves from the armed thugs in Sutep’s gang.  If the situation is uncontrollable, they want to shut down all the offices of the “independent” bodies. They want to establish shadow organisations to balance the lies coming from the anti-democratic “independent bodies”.

We can debate whether some of Nattawut’s proposed strategy is useful. The red shirts should be trying to mobilise the organised working class so that strikes can take place to protect democracy. Otherwise the anti-democrats can monopolise the ideas in the unions, such as we saw among the National Savings Bank employees. A much more radical agenda should be pushed, including the release of political prisoners and the prosecution of state murderers. Social and economic equality should be emphasised to win the hearts and minds of the population. The UDD should also invite all the radical red shirt groups to join a coalition, as proposed by Jakrapop Penkare.

But what has all this to do with “Corruption”?!

The NACC is now acting like some state security organisation. The judges think they can determine economic policy and block much needed infrastructure investment. The Election Commission thinks that its role is to wreck elections according to the wishes of Sutep. The National Human Rights Commission is dedicated to protecting the so-called rights of the anti-democrats while ignoring violence against citizens. What a farce!!