apisit 71

Liar, murderer and hypocrite

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

Abhisit Vejjajiva, leader of the anti-Democrat Party has the bare-faced arrogance to address the senate, half of who were appointed by the military junta, and talk about his proposals to “solve” the Thai crisis.

His proposals are just warmed-up pigswill which has been constantly regurgitated by his fellow party leader Sutep Teuksuban as he strutted about the streets of Bangkok with his armed thugs….Blah blah blah… “Thailand needs a neutral, unelected Prime Minister”. Given the depth of the political crisis, any “neutral” person would have to be either a complete half-wit or a complete lair. They would have to claim that they were neutral between those like Abhisit and Sutep, who want to destroy democracy, and those who wish to defend the electoral process.

Abhisit started his elitist career by being sent to Eton and Oxford by his extremely wealthy family. He became head of the anti-Democrat Party, and as usual, the party never won a majority in parliament. It opposed Taksin’s universal health care and other pro-poor policies. He only became Prime Minister following a military coup and then a judicial coup. He was a puppet for the military junta and liked to go on speaking tours, talking in his posh upper-class English accent, about “Democracy”. On his watch as Prime Minister he and the army killed nearly 90 unarmed Red Shirts who were demanding democratic elections. He lied about that and lies pathologically about nearly everything. He and Sutep lie about Sutep no longer being in the same party. They might not technically be in the same party, but they definitely share the same filthy bed.

As head of the anti-Democrat Party he was responsible for boycotting two elections because he knew that his party would lose. On both occasions this helped to precipitate a military or judicial coup. Even after the military took control and organised elections on two occasions, his anti-Democrat Party still lost to Palang Prachachon or Pua Thai.

In his address to the senate, Abhisit talked, just like head gangster Sutep does, about “political reform”. In this vacuous discourse about “reform” there is no mention of the need to have freedom of speech by abolishing lèse majesté. There is no mention of the need to increase the democratic space by further empowering citizens and electing all people who hold public office. There is no mention of the need to reduce the influence of the military in society and no mention of establishing standards of human rights by bringing state murderers to justice. There is no mention of the need to create social and economic equality.

Instead, Abhisit talks about the need for an unelected government to oversee “reform”, a process which, according to him, “could take years”. Abhisit’s so-called “reform assembly” would not contain members of political parties. In other words it would be stuffed full of unelected and self-appointed bureaucrats, military men, businessmen and conservative academics. The aim would be to try and gain more seats for the anti-Democrats by fixing the electoral process and by reducing the power of elected members of parliament.

The man is clearly an authoritarian elitist: A liar, a murderer and a hypocrite.