Activists ordered to report to military junta

5 activists

As street protests against the military coup gather momentum in Bangkok and other locations, pro-democracy academics and activists have been ordered to report to the military. We must ensure that our friends return home safely. It is time for serious solidarity work. Those on the military list include Ajarn Worachet, Suda, Somsak, Surachai and the Nitiwat, lead singer of the Fai Yen band.

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 Photos from facebook 24/05/2014

Meanwhile those who love conspiracies and rumour mongering are  busy telling any international media stupid enough to believe them, that the Thai crisis is really about royal succession. What these succession theorists  are saying to the brave people who are on the streets opposing the military and risking arrest, is that they should not bother. They are saying that the gods on mount Olyumpus are fighting it out and will determine everyone’s fate. It is an insult to the redshirts and all those who are right now fighting for democracy.