Prayut and his language

Numnual Yapparat

Prayut is Mr. Troublemaker. He does not know how to speak appropriately. His language shows a lack of sensitive. His language is full of grotesque meanings. His language is out of date in modern world. His language benefits a few of elites. His language harms people. His language is poisonous.  His language intensifies nasty prejudice.

He has recently lectured Malay Muslims in Patani saying that “if you want to live in Thailand then you need to speak Thai”. He is utterly out of touch with the current crisis in Patani.

Prayut arrogantly declared that any solution to the southern conflict must be based on the Thai constitution; the constitution that emphasises that Thailand is a unitary and indivisible state. But Prayut has ripped up 2 recent constitutions by leading or participating in military coups!

Under Taskin’s government, they set up a National Reconciliation Commission (NRC), which was charged with finding a suitable solution for the crisis in the South. The NRC worked out, by interviewing local people, how they wanted to be treated by the Thai state. The NRC came up with the proposal that the Thai state has to respect the Malay Muslim citizens. In doing so, the Thai state should allow the use of the Yawi language as a second official language in the area. This would help to guarantee equality. However, Taksin Shinawat and Prem Tinsulanon promptly brushed aside the proposal. The problem is still there. Prayut will only make it worse. He has also rejected a second official language in Patani.

The centralisation of the Thai state is always a problem. The local languages are forbidden in schools. This includes the Lao language, spoken by millions in the north-east and also Khmer and other minority languages. The ability to use multi languages is good for the economy as well as for enriching culture. Trade and business growth will pull out millions of people from poverty. In Canada, Belgium, Switzerland and Singapore they have more than one official language. Why cannot we use that pattern in Thailand?

Freedom and equality are the enemy for the Thai conservative elites and their privileges. They do not want people to learn about the world. They do not want people to make a comparison between Thailand and other countries. They do not want people to rule themselves.

When Prayut insults and oppresses the Malay Muslims of Patani, he also insults and oppresses millions of Thais in the rest of the country.