Il DucePrayut’s 12 Fascist Principles

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

Il Duce Prayut has just announced his 12 principles which can best be summed up as Mindless Nationalism and Respect for Authority. Yes, he seriously came up with this after his success in writing a song to make Thais happy!! Let us hope he doesn’t come to a sticky end like the original Il Duce!!!!


1. Love Nation, Religion and Monarchy…. Blah, blah, blah

2. Honesty & Sacrifice (work makes you free no doubt)

3. Respect parents and teachers

  1. Study hard

5. Protect Thai Culture as outline by the Generalissimo

6. Be guided by El Duce’s morals

7. (This is a good one!!!!!) Try to understand true democracy (with the King as Head of State)

8. Discipline, Law & Order, Lower ranking people to respect those with higher ranks

9. Mindlessly follow and memorise Comrade Pumipon’s teachings (as outline in the Little Yellow Book)

10. Follow the King’s Sufficiency Economy Ideology that teaches the poor to know their place (some are more sufficient than others)

11. Keep a healthy Fascist body and mind to fight off evil forces

12. Place Nation above Self (The Fatherland or Death!!)