The Junta’s piece of toilet paper

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

The sub-standard scrap of bog paper which the junta claims to be a temporary “Constitution” would not even be fit for purpose in a public toilet. It is a crude “cut and paste” job carried out by paid cronies of the military.

The main aim of producing this document is to try to give the junta “legal” legitimacy. The idea is that if it is written down and the aged king touches it in front of the cameras, while the junta leader grovels on the floor, it somehow becomes “law”. It is doubtful whether the king actually read the thing or understood it. He certainly did not commission the document. The junta wrote their own scrap of paper and then placed it on a golden bowl with the instructions for the king to touch it and give his magic blessing.

There is nothing of much significance in the constitution except to state that Generalissimo Prayut is “in charge of everything” including any appointed government and assemblies. Democratic elections will not take place for some time.

One of the most important clauses is to white-wash the coup makers and all the abuses that they carry out in the future. So a gang robs someone and then they write down on a scrap of paper that everything they do is “legal”. Who are they trying to fool? Certainly not the majority of Thais.

There is a brief glimpse of a sense of humour by the junta. One clause claims that sovereign rights are “held by the people of Thailand”. Prayut and his cronies must have been banging the table and spilling their drinks with mirth at this little joke.