Keep children safe from the mad dictator

Numnual  Yapparat

Day in day out it becomes very clear that Prayut has a “personality disorder” problem.

Prayut is relentlessly revealing his absurd gaffes on a number of issues. He said the army will not intervene in the running of the government, but he is an unelected Prime Minister. He gave a suggestion to rubber farmers that if they wanted to get a good price for their rubber they should go and sell their products on Mars. He also showed his vision on how to tackle the flooding crisis by saying that if people want to avoid facing floods they need to relocate to some places that are safer. There are endless of examples of his gaffes.

One of the worst examples of his outrageous statements is to blame the two murdered British tourists for not dressing modestly. Meanwhile his government has rounded up the “usual suspects”… migrant workers.

It is a known fact the Thai soldiers organise parties where naked women dance for them. What gross hypocrisy!!

Recently, Prayut has set up a new set of moral values to give guidance to school kids for good behaviour. There are 12 guidelines in his reactionary doctrine. He demands that children must respect the main national institutions as a priority.

What are the main institutions? They are Religion, Nation and Monarchy. Prayut insists that new the generation needs to understand “Thai-style democracy” under the king as the head of the state. Thai-style democracy is incomparable with the rest of the world, he claims. Present and past dictators of Burma, Indonesia, North Korea and Singapore have made the same idiotic claims.

Prayut says that “good boys and girls will not challenge their elders and betters”. Thai people have to put the nation before their own interests. Poor people have to learn to be happy according to their means by following the old pathetic king’s Sufficiency Economy ideology.

One glaring omission form Generalissimo Prayut’s Teachings is about killing fellow human beings. At no time does he say that shooting down unarmed citizens in the streets is sinful. Well, he wouldn’t would he?

To sum up, in the new set of values, promoted by Prayut, there is no place for ordinary people. There is no place for creative ideas. There is no place for self-respect as he repeats that we are unequal. Only the privileged will have their say.

For the sake of all Thai children we need to reject all of his filthy agenda. Children need to be encouraged to think outside the box. Children need to be taught to respect fellow citizens and human beings. If not so, we will see the endless racism and sexism continue in Thai society. Recently, a warning sign was put up in the temple of Emerald Buddha telling tourists to beware “non-Thai” pickpockets!

Keep children safe from the mad dictator. We have no need to listen scum like him.