Thailand’s Shame

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

Naked photos of the murdered and abused female British tourist have been circulated around social media by some despicable Thais. It is difficult to imagine the mentality behind these acts. It confirms to  me that for many people in Thailand’s warped society, respecting fellow human beings is not even on the radar.

The photos were taken by Thai police officers and shared from their cell-phones. This is a disgrace!

But the disgrace of the Thai police does not end there. They failed to secure the crime scene, thus compromising forensic evidence. They were quick to wrongly accuse migrant workers. They shy away from confronting local mafia bosses. How will they ever solve the case?

To cap it all, Thai junta leader Prayut implied that the victims were responsible for the crime because they were not dressed appropriately.

This is Thailand’s shame!!!