Thailand enters the twilight zone of Zombies

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

Generalissimo Prayut has declared that the anti-reform process should result in a “Thai-style” constitution for “Thai-style” democracy. One could question which “Thai-style” he is referring to. Is it the Thai culture of mass protest against military juntas and oppression, which dates back to the 1932 revolution and the mass uprisings in the 1970’s and the 1990’s? Is “Thai-style” the culture of resistance as illustrated by the Communist Party of Thailand or the mass Red Shirt movement?

But of course the Zombie Generalissimo believes that “Thai-style” means grovelling to the royals, the military and the ruling class. For him it means impunity for state murderers and a biased “justice system” that locks up people for years under lèse majesté for speaking or writing anything against the status quo. It means corrupt police and institutional racism against migrant workers.

The depressing and ugly truth about what is happening in Thailand is that the Zombie Generals are trying to craft a Zombie Constitution and Zombie Political System which takes us back to the twilight years.

It is obviously in keeping with the Zombie King and Zombie Queen and their Zombie dysfunctional family.

And make no mistake; Prayut’s appointees are already saying that the Zombie Constitution will not be put to a public referendum for approval.

Yet, mainstream media, mainstream academics and many NGO leaders talk and act as if a real process of reform and constitutional drafting is really taking place. What is most distressing is that Taksin, Yingluk and the Pua Thai Party are doing the same. They have probably all been infected and the whole lot are like the walking dead.

The truth of the matter is what we have been saying in this blog for months; that all these anti-reforms are designed to destroy parliamentary democracy and make sure that the military and conservative elites have a total veto over any elected governments and their policies.

It cannot be stated plainly enough or loud enough that the Zombie Constitution and all the Zombie Anti-reforms will have to be completely scrapped when the Thai people rise up and create democracy for themselves. It will be wasted years and wasted money in Thailand’s twilight zone. Instead of moving forward to a freer and fairer society, the middle-class and Democrat Party’s support for military coups will have wasted decades in Thailand’s development and we cannot have illusions that Pua Thai or the Red Shirt UDD leadership, which is wedded to Pua Thai, will be part of the solution.