Wachiralongkorn should not be the future king. Thailand should be a republic.

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

In this period when the aged King of Thailand is nearing his death, Prince Wachiralongkorn is being groomed to be the next king. Therefore his character and behaviour should be a public issue.

Wachiralongkorn never did very well at school or college. Maybe he was not interested in studying. But a Head of State should take an interest in society and should be able to hold a reasonably intellectual conversation with politicians from Thailand and other countries. Wachiralongkorn cannot do this. He is a self-centred idiot. Just ask the diplomatic community in Bangkok.

A Head of State should have some basic manners when conducting themselves in public. Yet Wachiralongkorn is known to have driven his jet on to the runway at Bangkok international airport to block the plane of the Japanese Prime Minister. This was over a personal grudge about a woman. At a high level dinner in Thailand, Wachiralongkorn allowed his dog, “Air Chief Marshall Fufu” to run up and down the high table, sniffing and licking food off the plates of Thai and foreign guests. It did not occur to him that this was a problem.

But more importantly, if Wachiralongkorn were to be the next king, it would be an insult, a slap in the face, to over 35 million Thai women.

The fact that Wachiralongkorn falls in love or in lust with many women is not wrong. If he wants to take nude photographs of them to keep for himself, that is a personal matter between them and him. But his behaviour throws into question his basic respect for anyone, especially women.

Millions of Thais and non-Thais have seen the video of Wachiralongkorn with his now ex-wife. They are sipping wine and eating by a swimming pool. She is naked and he is fully dressed. No accounting for taste, one might say. But it goes far beyond that. The male servants are in full uniform and there are people taking the video and snap shots. Wachiralongkorn makes his ex-wife crawl on the ground, naked, to take cake, like he was feeding a dog. Millions of Thais have seen a whole clutch of nude pictures of his other various girlfriends. He is an arrogant sexist pig. He does not have an ounce of respect for women. He abuses them with his power and money. And his money is taken from the collective wealth of the Thai people.

When we see the nude pictures of his women, remember who has power over them. Forgive their mistakes. Posing nude to show off one’s beautiful body is not immoral nor a sin. But why are these pictures released to the Thai public on the internet? It is hard to guess what goes on in Wachiralongkorn’s depraved mind. He is so alienated that he does not know how to respect anyone. The release of these pictures is not an accident. They have been coming out at regular intervals for years. Maybe he wants to destroy their dignity and show that he is boss. Maybe he wants to show off that he can “pull” beautiful women. Maybe he feels he is so powerful that no one can touch him and he can do what he likes. In other words he doesn’t give a damn.

Wachiralongkorn has divorced his present wife for a new girlfriend. Many will expect to see naked pictures of her soon on the internet. There is no way of knowing whether this will happen, but it would be in keeping with his character.

Do not forget that his mother, the Queen, looks upon her son with fondness and forgives all. They are close. His mother and one of her daughters openly supported the semi-fascist PAD and Sutep’s anti-democratic mob. His father, the King, has remained silent as usual, refusing to criticise his son. This is a filthy rich dysfunctional family, like most royal families. We should get rid of the lot of them and this includes the equally parasitic Crown Princess Sirintorn.

Wachiralongkorn with Pumipon and dictator Tanom
Wachiralongkorn with Pumipon and dictator Tanom

Remember that in Thailand people are forced to stand up and show respect to the Head of State. People must crawl and use Royal Language. They must pay taxes to support the Royals’ rich life-styles. They must wait in snarled-up traffic as the Royals rush past.

What is pathetic is that Taksin has been encouraging illusions among red shirts that Wachiralongkorn will be a “democratic king”. This is total nonsense. Wachiralongkorn doesn’t care about politics or society. He only cares about his selfish interests.

Wachiralongkorn should not be the next king because Thailand should be a Republic.