Military Junta extends its life beyond elections

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

The Thai military junta has already postponed “elections” until 2016. Now it is proposing to extend the life of the junta by changing its name to “The Committee to Protect the Constitution”!! LOL! This is the junta that ripped up the constitution in the first place.

Generalissimo Prayut’s gang have made this suggestion along with proposing an “elected” parliament of 350 MPs alongside a 150 member Senate of people appointed by the military.

In past postings on this blog, I have argued that the anti-reforms are being designed to reduce the power of the electorate and any elected government in a “Burmese-style Guided Democracy”.  I wrote that “the Counter Corruption Commission is talking to the Election Commission about a plan to force all political parties to submit their manifestos to the Electoral Commission before an election campaign can start.” See:

In another posting, I wrote that “the Burmese junta has much experience in massaging elections and building a political system where elected representatives have no real power. What is more, only the “right kind of people” can hold any top office in Burma. Elections are just a pretend charade. This is exactly what Prayut and his hand-picked team of anti-democrats are busy designing for Thailand right now. ”


The anti-reform process today is also an expensive waste of money, which could be used to improve the health service or other useful projects. A recent estimate put the cost so far of anti-reforms at 256 million baht. But the cost to Thai democracy cannot be measured in cash.

The destruction of democracy, the repression of opposition free-thinkers, and the crafting of anti-reforms are the real events taking place today. None of it is remotely related to the conspiratorial myths about a crisis of royal succession.