Have a happy New Year you Serfs!! Eat Generalissimo Prayut’s 12 Principles!

  1. Uphold the institution of the Thai Military, the key institution of      the Universe. If you insult the army you can go to prison.
  2. Respect the laws of the land; don’t do as I do, do as I say. It’s OK for me to murder unarmed protesters and tear up the constitution after a military coup, but if you do the 3-fingered salute you go straight to jail on lese-Prayut charges.
  1. Always be respectful of your betters who saved you from evil democracy, especially ME.
  1. You don’t have a father or mother, the King and the Queen begat you and they are your real father and mother. Promiscuity runs in the royal family.
  1. Always seek to learn everything parrot-fashion, never think for yourself. Ignorance is Strength.
  1. Treasure all Thai traditions. Spend as much time as possible on your knees or crawling on all fours. Don’t look me in the eye.
  1. Be greedy and grasping in the best traditions of the Great Rich Man who invented the Sufficiency Economy.
  1. Learn by heart that “Democracy and Reform grow out of the barrel of a tank”. Assist the various reptiles in my pay who are drafting the new Wonderland Constitution.
  1. Maintain Hitler-Youth-style discipline. DO AS YOU ARE TOLD! Otherwise, I’ll call you in for a water-board assisted “attitude change”.
  1. Be conscious and mindful of your actions in line with the teachings of our Dear Leader Generalissimo Prayut.
  1. Maintain an unyielding attitude to the dark forces of the evil Taksin devil. Remember that Buddhism allows you to lie, to kill, and to steal other people’s human rights so long as it is part of the Holy War against Taksin.
  1. Put MY interests and the interests of our Glorious Military above your personal interests.

 Happy New Year, you ignorant serfs!!

Deputy Prime Minister and “Scientist for Hire” by the Thai military junta, Yongyut Yuttawong, has seen fit to spend 6.6 million baht of tax payers’ money to produce “Line Stickers” for idiots to download celebrating Generalissimo Prayut’s “12 Principles of Thai Dictatorship”.

Yongyut Yuttawong, lapdog of the militaryjunta
Yongyut Yuttawong, lapdog of the militaryjunta


For the official version of Prayut’s 12 pontifications, see: http://www.khaosodenglish.com/detail.php?newsid=1419235215&section=11

Prayut is such an arrogant and rude scum-bag that he thinks little of abusing reporters. In the picture below he throws a banana skin at a group of reporters…. and he has the gall to think he can teach us anything.