What’s growing out of the junta’s dog-mouth?

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

There is a popular saying among pro-democracy activists, like Somyot Pruksakasemsuk, that “ivory never grows out of a dog’s mouth”. In other words, democratic reforms will never grow out of the filthy deeds of illegal coupsters, anti-democracy thugs, academics in the pay of the junta or murderous soldiers and politicians.

While Somyot spends his fourth year in jail for a “non-crime” under the draconian lèse majesté law, the illegal and murderous coupsters, anti-democracy thugs and various academics in the pay of the junta are busying themselves designing a non-democratic political system.

The Prime Minister will not have to be an elected politician, the Senate will be “indirectly elected” by direct appointment and selections from the military and their allies, the junta will live on in the filthy damp shadows in order to veto anything it does not like, unelected judges and antidemocratic creatures will rule over any elected parliament, and popular politicians will be “disqualified”. All this is being written into the latest piece of toilet paper called the “Constitution” and this so-called constitution will be endorsed by the king. His weak and shaking hand will be guided by servants of the military to sign the stained document and make it official.

A more detailed critique of the draft constitution will be posted on this site shortly.

This week the junta has increased the number of people authorised to use the authoritarian power of “Article 44” of the junta’s “temporary constitution”. From now on all sorts of uniformed thugs and hirelings, any Tom, Dickhead or baby-Prayut, will be able to strut about barking orders to deprive citizens of their democratic rights. Local commanders and will have a blank cheque to kick down peoples’ doors and do unspeakable things to citizens in the name of “peace and security”. In Patani, the hated Rangers and village vigilantes will also have such power. They will all be able to act like tin-pot war lords. More extra-judicial crimes can be expected with the criminals enjoying impunity.

At the same time the anti-democrats are now finding excuses to not hold a referendum on the draft military Constitution. General Sansern Keawkumnert, deputy junta spokesman, has said that a referendum will not be held if it is likely to lead to “confrontation”. Meanwhile Tienchai Keeranun, chairman of the mis-named and appointed “National Reform Assembly”, has warned that if the people “do not understand the new constitution they might vote against it. His solution is to produce a dumbed-down cartoon version to distribute to the ignorant and un-educated masses. Hopefully there will be some nice colour pictures of benevolent soldiers helping the people under the kind watchful eye of the king.

State-murderer and anti-democrat politician Abhisit Vejjajiva has thrown in his penny-worth of opinion by suggesting that the people should be allowed to “choose” between the previous military sponsored 2007 constitution and the new military sponsored draft. What a choice!


If we are to have democracy in Thailand, people like Somyot should be freed unconditionally, the coupsters and murderers should all be put in jail and the various military constitutions should be shredded or ceremoniously burnt.