Draft Constitution Rejected

Thai junta-appointed “National Anti-Reform Assembly” has rejected the anti-reform draft constitution, written by junta-appointed “Constitution Drafting Committee”.

The interesting point is that the Military officers in the assembly voted against the draft charter while many academics (for hire) and the NGO representatives voted to accept it. How low can these NGO people stoop? The academics for hire are already totally discredited.

Obviously there is suspicion that the military are just trying to delay elections. Yet, officially the delay in elections would only be a matter of months, although this could change.

More importantly it may also be the case that the military were afraid that the draft charter would be rejected by citizens in the referendum….

There is no guarantee that a new draft charter will be any better. Maybe a “way out” for the junta would be to merely impose a new, slightly changed version on the population without going for a referendum. This, of course, would hardly result in reconciliation and social peace.

Whatever happens the struggle continues.

For details on the terrible draft charter see previous posts.