Junta brooks no criticism

Megalomaniac junta chief Prayut explained in his latest rant that when people criticise the junta they will have to be dragged off to army camps for detention without trial and “attitude changing sessions”.  These detentions are not announced in the media and people are held incommunicado.

Some of the people in detention or possible detention include the journalist Prawit Rojanaphruk and Pua Thai politicians Pichai Naritapan, Karun Hosakun and Poomtam Wechayachai. Other prominent activists who oppose the junta have also had visits from soldiers.


It is not necessary to explain to readers of this blog that the junta is totally opposed to democracy and freedom and that its so-called “reforms” are just anti-reforms in order for the military to cling on to power behind the scenes in the future. It is however, worth pointing out that this is a despotic regime supported by the middle classes and the Democrat Party. It is also worth pointing out that this is the most backward Thai regime in the last thirty-five years.