More injustices under the junta exposed

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

More injustices under the Thai parliamentary dictatorship of Generalissimo Prayut have been exposed in the media.

Following a gigantic traffic jam near the Victory Monument a few days ago, which was caused by police stopping all traffic to allow some minor royal parasites to travel at ease, there has been an avalanche of criticism about these royal motorcades. Criticism in social media with the hashtag #RoyalMotorcade, or #ขบวนสเด็จ in Thai, peaked at nearly 40,000 immediately afterwards. What added to the anger of most decent Thais was the fact that an emergency ambulance was help up by police who told the driver to turn off the blue flashing light.


Traffic problems cause by royal motorcades are a constant source of irritation in Bangkok and people are becoming fed up with the strict application of rules under the vicious idiot King Wachiralongkorn. People are told to come down from pedestrian bridges and upstairs windows of buildings along the route are forced to close.

Following the mass criticism, mysterious text messages in English were sent to some people who had initiated the #ขบวนสเด็จ on Twitter. The messages were threatening and claimed to come from the Royal Palace. However it is more likely that they originated from some ultra-royalist thugs.

Wachiralongkorn peering out of his ridiculous cage-like fancy dress

At the same time more people are refusing to stand up for the King’s anthem in the cinema and it has become a general topic of conversation in society. It is not actually illegal not to stand, but those doing this face strong social sanctions and intimidation from police and soldiers.


All this points to a general dissatisfaction with the new King, who is known for his thuggish, anti-women and selfish behaviour. He spends most of his time in his palace in Germany, living the good life at public expense. Many people are misled into believing that he has power. No powerful dictator would choose to reside abroad for long periods of time and the King is despised by most royalists, including the military top brass. The real people in power in Thailand are the military and their current “parliamentary dictatorship”. The military need the King, despite his obvious unsuitability, because they depend on the ideas of Nation and Monarchy to legitimise their intervention in politics. That is why they sign off on lavish public funds for Wachiralongkorn and allow him to behave as he does. The transfer of some military units to his “guard” are merely ceremonial gestures and do not reflect any royal power to control the military. [See and ].

Another great injustice which has been exposed, is the routine political interference in the judicial process. A few days ago senior judge Khanakorn Pianchana shot himself in Yala after delivering a “not guilty” verdict on a group of men accused of murder. The judge stated that there was a total lack of evidence to convict the accused who had spent extended periods in detention under Martial Law. Yet he had received “secret” orders from his superiors to change his verdict. If he had done so, innocent men would have faced the death sentence. Before shooting himself judge Khanakorn issued a long statement highlighting how local judges in all areas of the country routinely face orders from “above” to change their verdicts to suit those in political power.

senior judge Khanakorn Pianchana

The fact that these issues are gaining a hearing and that people are angry with the state of Thai society can only be a good thing and hopefully these types of events can help to build a social movement for political change.

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