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Murderous Thai military junta arrests relatives of those killed in 2010

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

The current military government is being run by generals with blood on their hands. Generals Prayut Chan-Ocha and Anupong Paojinda were responsible for the shooting down of unarmed pro-democracy demonstrators in 2010. At the time the military had appointed Abhisit Vejjajiva and Sutep Tuaksuban to lead an unelected civilian government. All four of them are responsible for this cold-blooded state crime.


     All investigations show that the bullets that killed the protestors came from the military. No weapons were discovered on the dead protestors. Reliable eye-witnesses reported that snipers were being used to indiscriminately shoot down civilians. There is photographic evidence to prove this. Some of those killed were sheltering in a Buddhist temple. One was a nurse. The military had also declared a “free-fire zone”.

Yet a few days ago the murder cases against Abhisit Vejjajiva and Sutep Tuaksuban were dismissed by the courts. Thai courts have a long history of serving military juntas and the elites. Generals Prayut Chan-Ocha and Anupong Paojinda were not charged because the Yingluk government was hoping to do a deal with the military so that Taksin could return to Thailand from exile. The deal collapsed and eventually led to the May 2014 coup.


     Today relatives of those who died at the hands of the military and Abhisit’s government staged a small protest. They have been arrested and charged with “libel” because they named the four key murders in the 2010 bloodbath.

It is a crime to tell the truth and seek justice in Thailand today. But it is not deemed to be a crime for the state to kill unarmed citizens who seek democracy.

The Junta’s piece of toilet paper

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

The sub-standard scrap of bog paper which the junta claims to be a temporary “Constitution” would not even be fit for purpose in a public toilet. It is a crude “cut and paste” job carried out by paid cronies of the military.

The main aim of producing this document is to try to give the junta “legal” legitimacy. The idea is that if it is written down and the aged king touches it in front of the cameras, while the junta leader grovels on the floor, it somehow becomes “law”. It is doubtful whether the king actually read the thing or understood it. He certainly did not commission the document. The junta wrote their own scrap of paper and then placed it on a golden bowl with the instructions for the king to touch it and give his magic blessing.

There is nothing of much significance in the constitution except to state that Generalissimo Prayut is “in charge of everything” including any appointed government and assemblies. Democratic elections will not take place for some time.

One of the most important clauses is to white-wash the coup makers and all the abuses that they carry out in the future. So a gang robs someone and then they write down on a scrap of paper that everything they do is “legal”. Who are they trying to fool? Certainly not the majority of Thais.

There is a brief glimpse of a sense of humour by the junta. One clause claims that sovereign rights are “held by the people of Thailand”. Prayut and his cronies must have been banging the table and spilling their drinks with mirth at this little joke.

Fawning Buddhist Patriarch highlights case for religious reform

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

The acting Supreme Patriarch, head of the Buddhist order of monks, has praised Generalissimo Prayut and his junta. Somdet Pramaha Rachamungkalajarn (to call this reactionary monk by his full title) not only gave his religious support to the military junta, but he also quoted Prayut with approval when Prayut said that peace and reconciliation can be “restored” by using the “five moral precepts of Buddhism”.

The “five moral precepts of Buddhism” are as follows:

1. Refrain from killing.

2. Refrain from taking what is not given.

3. Refrain from sexual misconduct.

4. Refrain from lying.

5. Refrain from alcoholic drinks.

Somdet Pramaha Rachamungkalajarn must have been so busy licking Prayut’s back-side that he has forgotten these “five moral precepts of Buddhism”. Generalissimo Prayut has broken at least 3 of these moral precepts by killing 90 unarmed red shirt protesters in 2010, by stealing the democratic rights of Thai citizens and by lying to the public that he staged a coup to restore peace. The actions of Prayut and his military friends are one of the main causes of disorder in Thailand and in the first 5 months of 2014 they allowed Sutep’s anti-democratic mobs to create chaos in order to have an excuse to take power.

Ever since the Sarit military dictatorship in the late 1950s the Buddhist hierarchy has been controlled and used by the military or the state. The actions of the acting Supreme Patriarch show that there is an urgent need to abolish this backward Buddhist hierarchy and make a complete separation between religion and the state. All religions in Thailand should be confined to a matter of private personal belief.

Il DucePrayut’s 12 Fascist Principles

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

Il Duce Prayut has just announced his 12 principles which can best be summed up as Mindless Nationalism and Respect for Authority. Yes, he seriously came up with this after his success in writing a song to make Thais happy!! Let us hope he doesn’t come to a sticky end like the original Il Duce!!!!


1. Love Nation, Religion and Monarchy…. Blah, blah, blah

2. Honesty & Sacrifice (work makes you free no doubt)

3. Respect parents and teachers

  1. Study hard

5. Protect Thai Culture as outline by the Generalissimo

6. Be guided by El Duce’s morals

7. (This is a good one!!!!!) Try to understand true democracy (with the King as Head of State)

8. Discipline, Law & Order, Lower ranking people to respect those with higher ranks

9. Mindlessly follow and memorise Comrade Pumipon’s teachings (as outline in the Little Yellow Book)

10. Follow the King’s Sufficiency Economy Ideology that teaches the poor to know their place (some are more sufficient than others)

11. Keep a healthy Fascist body and mind to fight off evil forces

12. Place Nation above Self (The Fatherland or Death!!)

What do the junta really want?

 What do the junta really want?

Giles Ji Ungpakorn


It was obvious from the start that the aims of the military junta were not about a sincere attempt to restore peace between the two opposing sides in Thailand’s crisis. How could it ever be? The military were part of those who wanted to pull down the democratic system from the start.

They staged an earlier coup in 2006, wrote a new, less democratic, constitution and appointed half the senate and most of the members of the so-called independent bodies. They then worked with the judges to frustrate the wishes of the electorate by bringing down elected governments and installing the unelected Democrat Party government headed by Abhisit Vejjajiva and Sutep Tueksuban. When red shirts protested in their thousands and demanded free and fair elections in 2010, the current junta head, Gen Prayut Chan-ocha, ordered his troops to shoot down nearly 90 unarmed citizens in the streets. When Yingluk’s Pua Thai government was elected with overwhelming support from the people in 2011, against the expressed public wishes of Gen Prayut, the army sat back and did nothing while Sutep Tueksuban’s armed gangs roamed the streets, taking over government buildings and wrecking the February election.

But what exactly do the military want? They probably did not plan the present coup, but acted opportunistically when their allies among the Democrat Party thugs and the anti-democratic middle classes had created the right conditions to intervene. The military’s allies certainly wished for this coup, just like the yellow shirts had previously called for the coup in 2006.

The tin pot arrogance of the present junta, with their string of decrees, gross abuses of human rights and stupid “happiness” campaign, reminds me of the idiotic but brutal dictators Sarit, Tanom and Prapart from the late 1960’s. But surely, they cannot really be so stupid as to believe that they can turn the clock back, especially when Thai society has moved so far in the last 40-50 years?

Maybe Prayut and his crowd of fawning followers really are stupid, or maybe they are engaged in a huge gamble.

There is no doubt that the vast majority of Thais are angry and upset with the way their democratic wishes have been repeatedly trampled upon and the way that the conservatives have insulted them as being “too stupid to deserve the right to vote”. Many are also angry at the way the conservatives are creating obstacles to modernisation.

But maybe the junta are gambling on the idea that if they create a climate of fear, which they are doing, people will eventually become demoralised and inactive. This will not work if democracy activists get organised and continue a low intensity struggle which can break into a mass uprising again like in 1973, 1992 or 2010.

Taksin, Pua Thai and the UDD red shirt leadership are certainly trying to ensure that the red shirts remain inactive, hoping that one day they can make a political comeback, irrespective of the actual state of the democratic process. But the protests which were organised immediately after the coup were not under their control and many red shirts are angry with their poor leadership.

Even if the junta manage to force compliance and demoralisation on the majority of citizens, it will only be papering over the cracks in society. The roots of the crisis lie in the gross inequalities within society and the way that the majority of citizens feel politically marginalised while at the same time understanding that things should be better. When people regain their confidence to fight, the crisis will explode again and if people learn lessons from previous set-backs, they will demand the removal of the entire old order.

You will not be able to have such an analysis if you still believe that the crisis is just about the elites and the question of succession to the throne.

The Thai junta and its friends

The Thai junta and its friends

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

The Thai junta has proudly announced that friendly neighbouring nations have approved of the coup and the subsequent destruction of human rights and democracy. The junta’s closest friends are (yes, you guessed it!) China, Burma and Vietnam….. all models of democracy and freedom. This comes on the 25th anniversary of the bloody suppression of the democracy movement at Tiananmen Square. The Burmese generals are still firmly in the driving seat while window-dressing their fake democracy. The Vietnamese dictatorship sends plain clothed security thugs to beat up and jail bloggers and pro-democracy activists. What a nice little authoritarian club.


Meanwhile, Indonesia, one of the two south-east Asian nations that does have a political system which corresponds roughly to democracy, has shown concern about the coup and its “undemocratic nature” and this comes from the elected president of Indonesia who is an ex-general!

Back in Thailand, the (independent) Counter Corruption Commission has announced that ex- Prime Minister Yingluk has not filed her report of her income on “leaving office”. But they also state that there are no laws stipulating that the self-appointed junta members need to declare their earnings on taking office!!

The Thai university “Vice Chancellor’s Committee For Dictatorship” has announced that the coup is a great opportunity to “reform” the education system to instil morals into students, perhaps army discipline too. The education permanent secretary agrees, saying that for too long universities have been under “political” influence. What is needed, according to this self-important clown, is reform to bring universities up to “international standards”! …. Just don’t discuss politics or have any freedom of expression and these “high standards” will be reached.

Finally, just to let readers know that I have been summoned to “report” to the military in Bangkok on 9th June. Given that I already have a warrant for my arrest, out since 2009, for writing a book against the 2006 coup, it sounds like a game of Monopoly: “Go straight to jail and do not pass Go”.